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Never Overstepped Workshop Rail Transport Vehicle


         The track is the two railroad tracks under the train, which are used to support the movement of the train, always keeping the same distance, never crossing or intersecting. The so-called workshop rail transport vehicle refers to a kind of electric handling equipment used in the workshop to transport and move goods. Obviously, this kind of equipment needs to lay tracks and run on the tracks like trains, subways and other cars.

 Workshop rail transport vehicles can be powered by batteries, low-voltage rails, cable drums, trolley wires, etc. According to the power supply mode adopted by the user, the rails should be properly laid to avoid potential safety hazards. The user-customized rail flat car needs to provide whether to turn, load and size, and special requirements, so that the technology can design a reasonable plan for the user through calculation and accounting.

     The workshop track transport vehicle is made from 1t and can carry any weight. It is a common track flat car in the workshop and is suitable for occasions with high frequency of use and harsh environment.


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