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The Heart Of The Electric Flat Car Of The Small Expert In The Workshop-the Motor


 The electric flat car is a small expert in handling working conditions such as workshops and factories. The operation of the electric flat car depends on the motor to generate power. Just like a human being without a heart, there will be no heartbeat and breathing. Similarly, the motor is the electric flat car. heart. Human maintenance is mainly the maintenance of various organs, such as liver and spleen. The motor of the electric flat car also needs maintenance and maintenance.


In the long-term use of electric flat cars, the operation of the electric motor and the influence of the external environment temperature will cause its temperature to gradually increase. The reasons are as follows:

1. Whether the external voltage is normal. If the rated voltage is exceeded, the motor will easily heat up. We need to adjust the voltage in time. Appropriately lowering the voltage can also relieve the temperature of the motor from rising.

2. Whether the electric flat car is overloaded, the size of the electric flat car and the motor equipment limit the load of the flat car. If the load of the electric flat car is too large, the more the motor bears, the more energy of the motor will be consumed Once the limit of the motor is exceeded, the motor will wear out faster, so when using the electric flat car, be careful not to overload.

3. The working environment of electric flat cars. If the working environment temperature of the electric flat car is relatively high, it will also cause the temperature of the motor to rise, especially in the high temperature environment, the working time is not easy to be too long, and high temperature resistance treatment is also required.

     As the human body grows older, various problems will arise in the continuous maintenance of various organs, not to mention the cold machines. Therefore, it is inevitable to maintain and maintain the long-used electric flat cars during use. service. The maintenance of the electric flat car includes checking whether all the screws and nuts of the whole car are firm, whether the mechanical system is good, whether the tire needs to be replaced, whether the control performance is good, and whether the battery capacity meets the standards.

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