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Industry heavy duty motorized cable reel powered transfer trolley

Industry heavy duty motorized cable reel powered transfer trolley

The motorized cable reel powered transfer trolley, also called flatbed car, transfer table and climbing transfer cart, is a kind of electric powered trolley in workshop.
It is characterized as simple structure, easy to maintain and operate heavy carrying capacity, be friendly to the environment, etc. It is widely applied to transfer heavy cargoes working with cranes served as across workshops transportation in the machinery fabrication and metallurgy plant.
powered by cable reel, which is installed in the trolley. We are using the magnetic coupling cable reel, it can make sure that there is no force on the cable and the cable can be wound and released evenly (if the running distance is more than 50m, a cable arranger is needed to arrange the cable automatically.)
The cable reel provides electricity to the motor (metallurgical motor) to drag the cable reel powered trolley to run steadily by the reducer. When running, the cable is wound or released by the cable reel. Due to the limitation of the cable’s length, the maximum running distance is 200m.

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